Criminal Defense Overview And FAQ

After being arrested and charged with a crime, your top priority should be protecting yourself, your future and your rights. As the principal attorney of KGR Law, it is my mission to amplify your voice and your rights within the criminal justice system.

To make your voice heard, I will sit down with you and allow you to tell your story about your life and the charges you are facing. In return, I will be your lawyer advocate every step of the way in your case. It is this collaborative process that provides you with a valuable tool in your defense.

Fair Outcomes, Personal Justice

I want to serve you personally to ensure that you get the most out of your experience with my firm. I understand that you are already going through a difficult time in your life, which is why I strive to provide you with honest and ethical advice throughout your case.

To serve you personally, I take on all cases in Oregon involving:

  • Property crimes
  • Fraud and financial crimes
  • Violent crimes
  • Public safety violations
  • Sex crimes

Answering Your Toughest Questions

There's no doubt that defending against criminal charges can be a complicated and emotional time in your life. To help you get started in the process, here is a quick guide to questions you may have about your case.

  • Will I go to court? You can choose to go to court or take a settlement. There are pros and cons to each process, and I am here to help you find a path toward justice that works for you.
  • Will I go to jail? No one can guarantee the outcome of your case, but I can help you seek alternative sentencing options, including probation or community service.
  • How do I get help? You can start building your defense today by calling my office in Salem at 503-505-9983 or send an email.

Your story matters. Talk to me about your case today.