Land Use And Real Estate

Owning a home and managing rental property can be a significant part of your livelihood. Because of the essential role your home and your property plays in your life, it is important to make decisions carefully about its use, purchase and sale.

You want what's best for your family and your tenants, and KGR Law is here to provide you with the critical resources you need to make the right decision. As an attorney, I have more than a decade of legal experience guiding everyday people in Oregon through difficult scenarios in their lives.

Looking Out For Your Property Rights

There are many joys of homeownership, but with owning a home comes taking responsibility for issues that may arise. If you are making a decision to buy or sell property or have a dispute with a neighbor or government agency, then you deserve to have a legal advocate on your side.

You understand the needs of your family, and I know how the law can work to meet your needs. Our collaboration creates an effective tool in securing your property interests for the future.

Contact me today about any of the following issues:

  • Buying and selling a home
  • Construction defects
  • Land use laws including eminent domain, easements and trespassing
  • Landlord-tenant resources
  • Neighborhood and association disputes

Your Rights Matter To Me

When you need help with your property, I know that it is your life, your family and your well-being at stake. That is why I provide open, honest and ethical advice to meet your needs as a lawyer. Your interests are my interests, and I will work with you to bring those to the forefront of your case.

Collaborate with me today by calling my office in Salem at 503-505-9983 or send me an email. Your most valuable asset deserves protection today.